Sunday 16 October 2011

Photography course

With photography being such a big issue when you're selling things online I thought it was about time I went on a course to learn a bit more about what I'm doing.

No one is going to buy some earrings that they can't see clearly, or that are blurred or under exposed. These photos are my only chance to show my customers the colour, texture, and beauty of the item. And luckily my friend Liz had signed up to Groupon and found a brilliant cheap deal; so that is how I spent my Saturday morning.

I had already figured out how to change the white balance, and I know a teeny bit about depth of field. But this course was brilliant. Yes, of course I've read the manuals, but it makes such a difference to have someone to explain it all, show examples, and importantly explain how the different aspects work together.

I had a few eureka moments in there. Hopefully I will remember some of it, and maybe it will start showing through in my photos, but we'll have to wait and see (and I'll let you be the judge of that)! And even if my shop pictures aren't any better - maybe it'll take me less time (and 50 less pictures) to get to those particular snaps!

So, what part of photography do you just not get?


  1. I am hoping to go on a mini course just to know how to photograph stock. A very interesting blog post xx

  2. Thanks Annie, let me know how you get on!

  3. Your photos are already pretty good but sounds like a great course anyway.

    My pet hate is trying to get a shot of a long necklace hanging on a bust - they always look about 3 miles away!

    Alison x

  4. Thanks Alison. Oh yes, I hate that too! Also I really hate doing really shiny silver pieces which just reflect right back at me. How on earth are you supposed to take a picture of something with a mirror like finish.


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