Saturday 5 December 2009

Two weeks to go....

Well I'm just about managing to wade through the usual tide of Christmas to-dos, but on top of all the seasonal nonsense, work is getting particularly crazy. It always gets manic around Christmas as projects need to be finished, and presentations squeezed in before everyone dissappears for the last half of December. The difference this year is that I won't be going back after Christmas. (yay)

My 3 months notice is finally nearing the end, and I'll be officially self employed as of December 19th!

The idea is to spend lots more time with the girls while they're still little, as well as hopefully getting a chance to step up the jewellery a bit. I'm so incredibly, ridiculously excited. I'm feeling like a real home bird at the moment.

It's going to be a big adjustment, (am naively thinking I'll be doing less rushing around...hmmm) but it's not necessarily forever; I'm on a "career break" which means I might go back in a few years - we'll see how it goes, (and how much I miss people actually listening to what I say!) Can't imagine I'll miss the stress and long days away from the kids too much though!

Wish me luck! and hopefully I'll be getting around to blogging a bit more in the not too distant future.


  1. Wow that's so brave of you - but very exciting!

  2. That is awesome news that you're going to leave your job and become self-employed. I'm so pleased to see someone not submitting to the unnatural expectations that society puts on them.

    You *should* be spending time with you kids, that's how it's supposed to be! I'd recommend reading 'How To Be Free' by Tom Hodgkinson as you would absolutely love it.

    Anyway, good luck and have a great Christmas.

  3. Thanks, I am really excited, and feel really really lucky that I have the option.

    PS Joe - thanks for the book tip - have put it on my christmas list - think I've read his stuff in the paper, looks good!

  4. love that To Do list! And the laundry picture looks so serene and happy.--just like your new life!


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