Sunday, 17 March 2013


..will surely be here soon.

Yes, yes, I know there might be snow forecast for this week, but come on, lets think positively...
Spring = not wearing big thick winter coats, and that (of course) means.... bracelet and bangle season is almost upon us!!


Although I've got my classic sterling silver bangles listed, which are polished, or hammered, but mostly STACKED I've also been working on some little charm bangles...

And I'm working on some stone set charm bracelets too, as well as silver "dot" cuffs (reminiscent of my silver dot ring) which are coming along nicely...  pics soon I promise!

But though I've got a bit bangle obsessed this month, it's still about the bracelets too - here's my current fave, a supremely sparkly amethyst bracelet...

What do you prefer, bangles, or bracelets?


  1. One vote for bracelet! It is very pretty indeed. We big fans of your work. Good luck with your future projects. xx

  2. Silver bracelets looks very beautiful, specially after wearing it looks awesome.

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