Thursday 11 August 2011

Storage boxes

Loving my bead storage boxes. I bought them from ebay a couple of months ago when I was in my post move, frenzied organisation stage.

They cost about £2.50 incl postage, and are brilliant. Soooo much cheaper than the ones you get in bead shops!

Apart from anything else, just looking at my findings and beads neatly set out usually creates a little spark of inspiration.

Anyone else got any storage tips? I'm planning out my new workspace for when we get our building work done (probably not until next year, but I can plan it!!), so I'm thinking some handy wall tubs would be good. I saw some lovely storage things a while back but I'm still searching for the perfect one!


  1. I love keeping my bits organised! Those boxes were amazing value!

  2. I'm setting up my new workshop at the moment, who knew storage could be so exciting, haha, I'm using pegboard to store all my tools on, a genius idea that I nabbed from another blogger!

  3. Thanks Sue!
    Annie they're so handy for anything, and cheap - now if only they did a colour other than grey!
    Tessie what a great idea with the pegboards. That'd keep things really handy instead of jumbled in a drawer or on the bench.

  4. What a fabulous storage box you have. I too have a very unusual fascination with storage boxes. It adds beauty to a certain area as to where it is placed and organizes my stuffs so they wont clutter.

  5. Another idea for you, might want to try decorative storage boxes. Lots of tips available online. Any idea on how to make mini-drawers that you can slide out, maybe a level or two?


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