My story

Hi! I'm Becky and am the jewellery designer behind Becky Pearce Designs (formerly known as Red Bird Jewellery!).

I started messing around with beads in 2010, and my love of jewellery making was born. I love that with making jewellery you can constantly evolve and change, explore new medium and learn new skills. My studio is my favourite place to be and I can spend hours in there, forgetting to eat, drink, (&clean the house... oops).

I'm thrilled that I can work at home, so I'm around to be with my two girls (currently 6 and 8), and the jewellery work fits in around them. And it is my job now, it's no longer just a hobby that I indulge in; Becky Pearce Designs has grown more than I could have hoped for and now helps feed the family!

Before I got into all this creative lark, I got a degree in Psychology, and ended up as a research manager for a publishing company. Fun as it was, it wasn't easy keeping things running smoothly once the kids were on the scene.

I'm a Derbyshire girl, transplanted to the Surrey Hills, and loving the life I live.

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